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About us

About us

Herbogenix Pvt Ltd is a direct selling company in an herbal and nutritional segment in India. we are committed to providing high-quality standardized herbal extracts based and ayurvedic formulation by developing, and marketing affordable products in domestic as well as International Markets. We have very well designed and formulated products for our customers with affordably priced to support all these with dedicated customer service.

Our Vision

To become a global player in the herbal and nutritional segment and to be recognized as domestic and internationally as a functional herbal and nutritional formulation company through Innovation, Quality, and Competence. To become the leading player in the industry by assuring high-quality standards and cost-effective products at all times. We want to mark our presence in society by creating the best products with a wide spectrum of health benefits


To uphold our social responsibilities of delivering the highest standard of herbal and nutritional products to customers without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics, and commitment. To become a globally acclaimed Herbal & nutritional company through the development of best designed herbal and ayurvedic formulation products with a wide spectrum of health benefits